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Madonna's DJ 'Friends'

Mega pop star Madonna has enlisted the studio talents of Danny Howells, Tiefschwarz, and James Holden to remix her next single.

Madonna's DJ 'Friends'

Madonna's DJ 'Friends

Madonna's DJ 'Friends'

Words: Terry Church

First Madonna enlisted the studio talents of Stuart Price aka Jacques Lu Cont to produce her entire album 'Confessions On A Dance Floor', and now she's roped in DJs Danny Howells, James Holden and Tiefschwarz to remix her latest single 'Get Together'.

The DJs are the latest in a long line of dance producers who've been snapped up by Madonna's record company Warner to bring some much needed credibility to the ageing pop star.

Paul Oakenfold, the Pet Shop Boys, and Green Velvet all recently contributed to the remix package that accompanied her last single 'Sorry' from the same album.

Many dance producers DJmag has spoken to recently have suggested Madonna's record 'Confessions On A Dance Floor' was important because it helped highlight the dance scene, and introduce mainstream audiences (especially US radio listeners) to today's dance music.