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Berghain's licence could be under threat from the far-right

Far right group AfD wants to curtail the club’s opening hours…

UPDATE:  Since this article was published Germany's leading far-right party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), have withdrawn their proposal calling for Berghain's commercial license to be revoked.

Legendary techno club Berghain has come under threat from a German far-right political party, AfD, who wants to curtail the club’s opening hours.

Party affiliate Sibylle Schmidt proposed that authorities reduce the current opening hours citing a number of incidents around drugs misuse and anti-social behaviour in a letter that has been circulated heavily online.

The news was revealed on social media yesterday via Left Party district councillor Maximilian Schirmer who shared Schmidt's open letter demanding Berghain's opening hours be reduced.

Interestingly, the letter’s author used to run a Kreuzberg club Blockshock in the ‘80s and then founded Tanzschule Schmidt in Mitte in the ‘90s.

Since the letter began circulating online yesterday, AfD's Frank-Christian Hansel, a founding member of Berlin AfD, confirmed today that the proposal had been withdrawn.

He tweeted that Schmidt was "party-free" and her request was "neither the line of AfD Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg nor the Berlin AfD."

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